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Prague Business College (PBC) offers fully recognised British qualifications through Pearson Edexcel qualifications and ATHE qualifications in administration management, business, tourism, computing, law and health & social care. Edexcel & ATHE both are approved by Ofqual which is a government regulatory body for qualifications, examinations and assessment in England.

Prague Business College acknowledge that our growing economy requires business leaders across national boundaries. We also understand the desires of our applicants and prospective students to be able to participate in the shaping of new and exciting businesses and industries. We the staff at Prague Business College are qualified and committed to translating the efforts and ideas of our students into reality. We promise to empower our students by releasing the potential that is inherent in them towards greater achievements.

A large number of international students choose Prague to study every year. If you are one of these students and choose to study at Prague Business College, you will benefit from a support programme specifically structured for you from the moment you apply throughout your time in Prague, Czech Republic and also after you have graduated. So if you decide to join the thousands of international students, congratulations - we can assure you that your decision is well thought out.

At Prague Business College we understand that a decision regarding higher education is a life changing decision and must be well considered. On account of out commitment to education and students you can rest assured that we will not only make you stay at Prague academically fulfilling but also immensely enjoyable.

Studying in Prague...

Undoubtedly Prague is the most beautiful city in Europe.

Students at PBC agree that one of the best aspects of studying here is the proximity to the city centre of Prague.

Hundred-spired Prague, Prague - the mother of cities, magical Prague. These are just three titles which the capital of the Czech Republic proudly wears. Know more about lifestyle in Prague.

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