Accommodation Letter

Based on bookimg of the accommodation is the Accommodation letter issued. It is a proof of accommodation for 1 year and it’s identical with the period of time of the study.

This letter is in Czech language and contains name and address of the hostel, period of time of the booking and the name of the CEO/owner of the hostel who issued it.  These information are very important to know for the Embassy appointment.

This letter will be shiped to the student along with Acceptance letter. Because of the cost of this booking and confirmation, we are forced to charge a fee of 120 EUR for this. (All the information about the fees can be found on COA letter.)


If the student preferes to secure the accommodation by him/herself, it is certainly possible. But please note, that the Accommodation letter means filling of special form made by Ministry of Interior of Czech Republic and it has to be officially confirmed and stamped.