Student Affairs


Students must attend classes listed on their timetables. The College does not recommend students for their examinations if their attendance falls below 80%. In the case of absence the College must be promptly informed. A medical certificate is required if the student has more than three days of consecutive absence owing to illness.

Books & Stationery

The College provides students, where applicable, with the relevant course materials. The textbooks and other course materials forming an essential part of class work must be brought to the class by students. Students are expected to buy their own textbooks and stationery.

Teaching Hours

All full-time students are expected to attend daytime classes for a minimum of 18-21 hours per week from Monday to Friday. The dates when the courses start and end are an indication of the academic calendar and are not expected to change. The College reserves the right to alter dates in order to facilitate or improve the provision of the course and its examinations. Any such changes will not affect the College regulations.

Teaching Methods

Our highly qualified and experienced faculty members are committed to providing maximum support to the students. Lectures and seminars are the basic means of teaching in PBC. Assignments, library research, mock exams, group-research and presentations are an essential part of the teaching arrangement. IT based class rooms and modern audiovisual equipment features widely in everyday’s PBC teaching. UP to date teaching aids (print, online and electronic) are real attraction of PBC life.

Examination Entry

Students are entered for examinations only if their attendance is not less than 80% of the total and they are recommended by the Head of Department. Though the College informs, advises and assists students in examination entry procedure, it is entirely the students’ responsibility to register with the professional bodies as Student Members and to register for examinations in good time. All examination fees and student membership fees must be paid by the student.


Students are expected to conduct themselves responsibly on the College campus. Misconduct may result in suspension of the student from the College.