Visa Application Process

At this moment it is necessary to book the appointment at the Embassy.

Visa application requirements:

– passport copy

– 2 photos (size 3.5 x 4.5 cm)

– completed form Application for long-stay Visa 

– funds to cover the cost of stay in the Czech Republic – bank statement with 5000-6000 EUR balance (for last 3 months) + international debit / credit card issued. Both issued with the student´s name on it.
– Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from the country of origin and also all countries where the applicant spent more than 6 months without a break in the period of last 3 years (cases, such as: living abroad, studying abroad)
– Accommodation letter (proof of accommodation for the period of stay in the Czech Republic)
– Acceptance letter from PBC

– a proof of payment of the fee for submission of the visa application

GREEN highlights:

Will be shipped from the college.

RED highlights:

The documents which student need to obtain as soon as possible. These documents have to be translated (contact below) before submission of the Visa application at the CZ Embassy in Delhi.

NOTE: All supporting documents for the visa application must be translated into the Czech language by an authorized translator. The PCC must be Superlegalized in case of BGD. The proof of medical insurance for the Czech Republic is to be done at the end of the process, if the student gets Visa.


– Acceptance letter

– Accommodation letter

These documents are or will be issued in Czech language already.

Medical insurance for the Czech Republic is to be done at the end of the process, if the student gets Visa.


Translation via and authorized translator:

Mr. Deepak Yadav


cell: 0091 9818375256

Mr. Yadav usually requests the documents for translation to be sent via an e-mail prior to a student arrival to Delhi. That way the translation is ready by the time a student arrives for the Embassy appointment and the student doesn’t have to spend an extra time in Delhi to wait for the translation of the documents.

Appointment for submission of the visa application at the CZ Embassy in Delhi:


Each applicant has to request an appointment for submission of his / her Visa application. While requesting the appointment it is necessary to mention  not only personal details, but also the kind of visa he / she is going to apply for: LONG term visa, type “D”, purpose “OTHER”.


We recommend sending the request ASAP as the CZ Embassy in Delhi is quite busy.  Please note, that it’s possible that the student gets appointment in 1-2 months.


It is very important for the student to be very thoroughly prepared for the appointment at the Embassy:
-given that studies are in English, the student must prove a good level of English
-the student has to know really detail information about the study, on which is he applying: the course, subjects, requirements, conclusion of the study, etc .  All such information can be found here (link to Our Courses in Courses section) and here (link to Guide questionnaire in Form section)
-the student may be asked in which hostel he will stay during his stay in Czech Republic, the price of accommodation, who issued his Accommodation letter
-who had issued his Acceptance letter and who had helped him with the whole process, or how much is the school fees
-for sure the student will be asked about his knowledge of the Czech Republic and Prague, and will have to explain and demonstrate sufficient motivation to study in Europe and in the Czech Republic.


Kindly keep us updated regarding the process (if all docs are obtain, when is the appointment at the Embassy and etc.).